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Leadership Developing

Each executive from every department is trained to increase their leadership skills, and to optimize each team’s full potential in order to benefit our company. This training includes: ability, philosophy, EQ management, team work, strategy planning and creativity training.

General Education

Each employee is trained to know the organization, and to understand and respect each other which will improve the efficiency at work. For example, interpersonal relationship, team work, communication, potential inspiring, time management, pressure management, and creative thinking are included in this training.

Professional Skill Training

To execute each task, every prerequisite training or qualification must be completed, such as, sales skills, customer relationship management, and product knowledge. These will lead us to an outstanding performance.

Knowledge Acquiring

External training is focused on the professional areas which covers acquiring market news, and industrial trends. By doing these, each employee will have the opportunity to upgrade their professional skills and competitiveness.