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Customers and Suppliers

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Customers and Suppliers


In order to promote the development of the Group, we need to establish partnerships with the manufacturers supply chain and comply with all partners of the supply chain social responsibility, including environmental protection, labor rights and ethics, health and safety, risk management and so on.


COPARTNER Technology Co Ltd, is the manufacturer of insulation materials and electrical conductors, which apply in signal, data transmission, IT equipment, wiring systems, network engineering, communications cables and equipment etc. We provide our products to the world. In a related electronics, communications, etc., and many world-renowned brands, both have close relations of cooperation. Reinvestment in China in early 1993 established the first COPARTNER Wire and Cable (Shenzhen) Company Limited. In stable growth, while also investing in the Chinese market, now the continent's subsidiaries have grown to more than 10, and the establishment of product research laboratory in Shenzhen and other places, in order to further promote the product regime change, to improve quality and more responsive to customers market demand. COPARTNER series of products with advanced design thinking wisdom-oriented, cutting-edge technology, perfect the art of relying on a professional experiment, precise testing for the protection of service users. Over the years of working together, sustainable development, customer-oriented business philosophy, with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, strong R & D capabilities, has occupied an important Place in the world.

Faced with the digital economy era, COPARTNER combine the specialized technics, customized services and a new application of technology. Considering itself as a leader of cable manufacturer, COPARTNER helps its clients to be the pioneers in the market. In the new century, we create win-win opportunity with our valuable customers together.