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Technical superiority

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We continuously collect data during the process of production for quality improvements. All our efforts are for the goal of high productivity and high quality as well. We also have the latest production equipments and systems to reach the aim of high yield rate. All of our factories are qualified for ISO-9001&ISO-14001; We also have received numerous accreditations from famous 4C cables customers worldwide. The Copartner products have already built an outstanding image among the IT industry.

Except to general cable we have also invested considerable resources in the development of a dedicated cable, such as: automotive cable, industrial cable, medical cable, etc., to make products more diverse and comprehensive, providing guests a one-stop service.

Manufacturing equipment

COPARTNER TECH CORP. is among the top 500 manufacturing corporations in Taiwan. We also offer complete cable and wire solutions to well-known IT system manufacturers all over the world…


Testing equipment

The QC/QA equipments and processes at Copartner contribute to specialized testing services which maximize customers' satisfaction. With employment of professional quality control personnel and numerous testing equipments, our products attain to the strict standards and designated certifications worldwide. We always offer comprehensive services for product safety conformance in order to exceed customers’ expectations.