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Issue identification and Contact services

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Issue identification and Contact services

Communication and response channels with stakeholders are as follows:
Stakeholders Response Department Topics of Concern Channels, Frequency and Responses
Employees ◎Human resources dept.
◎Employees' walfare Committee
◎Workplace safety
◎Employees' walfare
◎Employee-employer relationships
◎Expression of opinion
  1. Convene a labor and management conference quarterly to establish the consensus decision.
  2. Build the employee contact channel to enhance the employment relationships and the gender equality.
  3. Formulate regulations in the employee handbook, including the rights and obligations of both employers and employees and management matters, so that employees can fully understand and protect their own rights and interests.
Customers ◎Sales & Administration dept. ◎Products, services, Customer relationships
◎Product quality
◎Regulation compliance for product
Respond to issues such as product quality and sales services that customers value by visiting customers and participating in various exhibitions, etc. Also the company's website has a dedicated customer contact area for each product, and there will be dedicated personnel to answer customer-related questions.
Investors ◎Finance dept.
◎Acting spokesperson
◎Business performance
◎Dividend distribution
◎Corporate Governance
Hold the shareholders' meeting yearly and investors can fully exercise their voting rights through electronic methods. Shareholders can understand the company's operating conditions by attending an investor conference every year,viewing publication of annual report,monthly revenue and financial reports.
Suppliers ◎Management dept.
◎Procurement office
◎Supplier evaluation and assessment The company adheres to sustainable operations and follows the principles of fair trade, requiring suppliers to comply with safety,environmental protection and other relevant regulations.
Also the procurement office communicates with suppliers about relevant requirements and suppliers can ask questions at any time, striving to achieve the goal of information symmetry.

Contact information:
Employees Contact : Joey - Assistant Manager
TEL:+886-2-8226-5658 Ext.2302
Customers Contact :Tina-Section Manager
TEL:+886-2-8226-5658 Ext.2701
Investors Contact : Carol – Financial Dept. Director
TEL:+886-2-8226-5658 Ext.2201
Suppliers Contact : Lisa-Assistant Manager
TEL:+886-2-8226-5658 Ext.2601